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Private registration plates are a great way to hide the age of your existing vehicle, or to make your vehicle a bit more personal to you. You may choose to have your name or initials on your private number plate, or many other combinations such as birthdays, anniversaries, pets names and many more. With prices from Discount Registrations now starting at well under £50, they are even more popular than ever!

The choices are endless when buying a private number plate so we are here, happy to help you, to find that special number plate for you or a special friend then you are in the right place.

Personalised number plates are a great way to personalise your vehicle with a car registration that:-

  • is personal to yourself. Over the years these have become widely available to everyone and not only the rich or famous as was the case many years ago.
  • You can personalise your car number plate with all types of distinctive numbers and letters that have a unique meaning to yourself. For example if your name is John Smith and you have a 2008 BMW you could buy JS08 BMW which would fit into a budget of under £1000 and is a great way to personalise your car with a private number plate that is special to you in every way.

Here at Discount Registrations we want to help you find that special number plate for your car and with over 40 million number plates on our website there will always be a personalised number plate for you. We can help give ideas to find a plate to represent what you need. Use our fantastic search to say what you want on your plate and see what we can find to suit your budget, remember it can be anything from the name of your favourite pet to even your favourite footballer.

Discount Registrations specialise in cheap private number plates, along with cheap personalised number plates. Our lowest priced number plates are normally our bargain Irish Number Plates with prices starting from just £24.99 plus fees.