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Choosing a cheap personalised number plate can be a challenge. The DVLA has numerous numbering conventions that all motorists must follow when selecting a discount personalised registration plate. Keeping track of all the permitted permutations can be tough. Sometimes you think that you've come up with a qualifying number only to find out that it falls foul of the rules.

With our search facility at Discount Registrations, you no longer have to worry about whether your chosen registration will be allowed. All you have to do is type in the plate you want, and we'll automatically show you all available, closely-matching plates that you can buy today.

The great thing about our search system is the intuitive way in which it works. All you have to do is type in your perfect number plate, and we’ll return dozens of matches using our smart software that convey the sentiment of your original search term. It’s an incredible system that helps you quickly find the cheap personalised number plate that you want.

Let’s say, for instance, that you want a personalised registration plate that tells people that you're a doctor. All you have to do is type the search term “doctor” into the search bar, and it’ll return hundreds of related number plates from which to choose. For instance, “DOC 77R” and “BU57 DOC.” Our system isn’t just semantic: it’s creative too, showing you all the funny and unusual combinations associated with your original search, giving you more choice than you ever thought possible.


It’s Easy To Find And Buy A Cheap Private Number Plate

Finding a cheap private number plate can be a challenge. But with our private number plate search facility, it’s easier than ever before. Once you’ve typed in your ideal number plate, you’ll be presented with a list of possible number plates currently available. Those plates will incorporate your original search term in interesting and unusual ways, many of which you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.

To make a purchase, all you have to do is click “buy now:" it’s that simple. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes paperwork, so you don’t have to.

When you place an order with us, we begin the process of transferring ownership rights from the old plate owner to you. We issue you with a new registration document and transfer MOT and tax information so that you’re up-to-date with the DVLA. With Discount Registrations, you don’t have to worry about ringing up government agencies: we’ll do all of that on your behalf, enabling you to get on and enjoy your new registration without wasting your time with paperwork.

Don’t want to place your order online? No problem. You can call our team of friendly consultants by telephone and place your order directly. Just choose the cheap private number plate you want, and our advisors will talk you through the rest of the process.


Get Your New Cheap Private Number Plate Fast

Getting your new private number plate is faster than you might think.  How long your registration plate takes to arrive depends on what type of cheap personalised number plate you want to buy.

 *  Unissued Number Plates. Here at Discount Registrations, we can complete unissued registration plate transactions between 3 and 15 working days, on average.
 *  Registered Number Plates. If the registration plate that you want is already on another vehicle, it can take up to one calendar month to complete the transaction.


The process of transferring the ownership of a new personalised number plate begins after you pay. Our goal is to ensure that you receive your new cheap personalised number plate as soon as possible. With us, you avoid all of the hassle of going through the transfer process yourself and you ensure that your new license is registered in your name and that your vehicle is road legal. The length of time that it takes to complete the registration transaction depends on a range of outside factors, including the speed at which the relevant authorities process your documentation.


Stay Updated With Discount Registrations

When you buy a private number plate, you want to stay apprised of progress. With Discount Registrations, you can. We will regularly update you about your registration plate order and tell you what stage it is at, every step of the way. We understand that waiting for your new plate to arrive can be inconvenient, and so we use all tools at our disposal to ensure that the relevant agencies process your transaction as rapidly as possible. With our service, you’ll receive automated texts and emails during each stage of the transaction process, allowing you to see the day-by-day progress of your order.

Remember, we’re always available to talk on the phone. If you want to discuss your order or find out more about available registration plates, then you can call us on 01252 414 058. Our consultants can provide information on the status of your order and when it is likely to be completed.


Can’t Find What You Want? Enquire With Us Today

Our database contains more than 50 million available, unique personalised registration plates. That’s a lot. But sometimes, somebody else already has the exact number plate that you want. What can you do?

Here at Discount Registrations, we want you to get the private number plate of your dreams. If you can’t find your ideal plate right now, then all you have to do is send us your contact information, and we’ll notify you immediately if your chosen reg becomes available. With our system, you’ll be told straight away, enabling you to buy the plate before anybody else can.


Search For Your Perfect Personalised Number Plate Today

Our search facility makes it easy to find your ideal cheap private number plate. With our search tools, you can refine your search according to max price and choose your plate style (e.g., current, prefix, dateless, suffix, and Northern Ireland). Search to find your perfect plate today!