Selling Terms & Conditions

Discount Registrations Selling Terms & Conditions

  1. i) The person selling the registration mark shall hereafter be known as "the Donor".
  2. ii) The vehicle registration mark referred to on the front of the agreement shall hereafter be known as "the Registration Mark".
  3. iii) Primo Trading Limited shall hereafter be known as "Discount Registrations"
  1. Discount Registrations shall advertise and handle the entire transfer legalities and all paperwork involved in the transfer FREE OF CHARGE, provided the donor complies with his/her obligations as set out in these terms and conditions
  2. The donor may cancel this agreement at any time giving 7 days notice in writing using any of the following methods:
    • By recorded delivery to: Discount Registrations, PO Box 489, Fleet, Hampshire. GU51 9FL
    • By email to
    • By fax communication to 07092 222 969
    Cancellation must be made prior to Discount Registrations finding a buyer for the registration mark.
  3. Payment. We consider the price given to be an accurate market valuation, however, on receipt of the quotation, you may increase or reduce the price indicated and initial the amendment if you disagree with the amount shown. Subject to market conditions Discount Registrations may contact you to discuss close offers made by a third party if appropriate. Payment shall be made in full after the transfer procedure has been completed and all documents have been acquired from the Department Of Transport. Completion is indicated by notification to Discount Registrations of the replacement mark for the donor vehicle. Payment will be made upon receipt of a copy (by fax or post) of your new V5 (Log Book). Where the mark is held on a certificate, payment will be made when the registration mark has been assigned to the recipient vehicle and proof of the same has been acquired from the Vehicle Registration Office.
  4. The donor vehicle must be both taxed and tested (where of an appropriate age) to qualify for a cherished transfer *(with the exception of those which qualify under Section 8 of the Department of Transport rules, see 14). The donor undertakes to provide Discount Registrations with necessary vehicle documents when requested. Documents should be supplied immediately to facilitate a speedy transfer but in any event no later than 21 working days from the date they were first requested.
  5. It is the responsibility of the donor to inform Discount Registrations in writing if the registration mark is no longer available for sale. The donor must make it known if he/she wishes to withdraw the registration mark from sale, or if the vehicle or the registration mark is sold or stolen before it is sold by Discount Registrations (see 2 for cancellation options).
  6. The agreement is deemed to be entered into at Discount Registration's premises.
  7. Outright Cash purchases. Discount Registrations may consider an outright cash purchase for the registration mark. Usually the outright purchase price is less than the price agreed for an agency-based sale.
  8. Disclaimer. Discount Registrations will not accept liability for any losses incurred by the donor arising from delays caused by the slow arrival of documents from the buyer or the failure of the buyer to conclude the transaction.
  9. You Must Check whether the registration document states that the registration mark is non-transferable. If it does, then the registration mark cannot be transferred or retained. Subsequently the registration mark does not comply with these terms and conditions.
  10. Please also ensure that the following conditions for the transfer and retention schemes can be complied with. These conditions are as follows:
    • Vehicles must be available for inspection. The inspection helps to verify entitlement to the registration mark being transferred / retained. Both the donor (the vehicle giving up the registration mark) and the recipient (the vehicle receiving the registration mark) may be called for inspection.
    • Vehicles must be subject to MOT / HGV test. Non-testable vehicles such as agricultural tractors and milk floats, for example, are outside the scope of the schemes. Only testable vehicles can participate in transfers and retentions and valid test certificates must be sent with applications.
    • Vehicles must be currently licensed, or be in the process of being licensed. *The application will still be considered, where the last licence (tax disc) expired within six months of the date of application. If the licence has been voluntarily surrendered for refund, the six-month concession does not normally apply.
  11. Registration document(s) showing the changed registration mark(s) will be sent out from the Department Of Transport to the keeper(s).