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03/09/2017 20:08
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DVLA Bans Multiple Number Plates Containing Profanities


UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) keeps track of “over 45 million driver records and over 39 million vehicle records”, according to their website.

Looking over and taking care of so many records is no easy task. However, the DVLA has managed to ban hundreds of potentially offensive number plates from the UK. Most of the plates being banned include the word “NO” at the beginning, along with a full word at the end. Also, the number 67 is present on some plates that were banned in the last two weeks.

Anyway, regardless if you’re offended or entertained by those plates, the DVLA has bad news for their owners - they’re going to get banned.

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Cleaning Up

In June of this year, a plate spelling “JH11 HAD” was seen in Newport, South Wales. Authorities took notice, and the plate was withdrawn. Further alternatives and combinations of the plate were also banned shortly after.  Such plates are banned because they are likely to cause “offence or embarrassment” to the general population.

For example, plates containing the letters “ARS” or “DAM” are not allowed.

The DVLA updates the list of potentially offensive number plates on a regular basis. Also, keep in mind that any banned combination cannot be issued or auctioned at a DVLA Personalized Registration.


Creativity is Good, But Only Up to a Point

Nobody says you can’t be creative! But the DVLA will hold your plate if you cross a certain line.

Discount Registrations will help you get cheap personal number plates and customize them without crossing that line. In other words, not offending anyone or risking your plate. You can easily get a “wow” factor out of your plate without much effort.

For example, you can use the name of your pet, a game, a hobby or even the brand of the car to personalise a number plate. Use your imagination!


Chose a Unique Plate

You can get creative today and pick a number plate that’s suited for you.

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Remember, avoid combinations that are likely to be viewed as offensive, as they cannot be issued if they’re on the list of banned combinations.

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