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17/08/2017 23:09
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Number Plates for Sale from Just £24.99!

Ever wanted to get your very own personalised number plates for your car, without spending a fortune?

At Discount Registrations (, we have your back! More exactly, the plates you’ll be attaching to the back of your car. Dive right in, to find out how you can get your top quality, cheap number plates today!


Why Spend More, When You Can Get It For Less?

You can put a personal touch on your lovely car with less money than you thought. In fact, the lowest priced personalised plates we provide, start at just £24.99, plus fees.

Long gone are the times when only the wealthy could afford custom made number plates. Even with a tight budget, you can get a pair of personalised plates that has a special meaning for you. For instance, if you have a particular hobby, you can combine a set of numbers and letters to form your hobby. Also, you can add a name or a nickname to your plate – a friends’ name, a loved one’s, and why not your own! Whatever the case might be, you can have your cheap number plates spell out anything you want. We’re committed only to bring you high-quality plates and services!


Number Plates for Sale

We offer a high variety of plates for your car dateless and reversed dateless plates (they don’t contain an age identifier), prefix and suffix number plates (these have a year identifier letter at the beginning, and end respectively). We also offer Irish registration numbers.


Why Use Discount Registrations

With us, you will always get the highest quality personalised plates at the lowest price! We know that your time is valuable and limited – that’s why we made the searching process straightforward. Just type a custom plate number into the search box at the top of our website (, see the results and pick one that suits you!

We provide you with the widest range of number plates, so you’ll be sure to find the one perfect for you. Even better, you can order a plate either by telephone or online.


The Voice of Our Customers


“Many thanks for your help, will recommend to all friends and family…” R.P.

“First class service, all done in 5 working days!” Graham

"I have recently purchased a no. plate from you and I have to say it has been a 5-star service.” Mr. S   

Of course, these are just a few of our delighted customers. Join them today by getting your brand new pair of number plates from Discount Registrations!


Sell Your Old Registration Plates

If you want to change your current plates and need some quick money to buy your new pair, or just don’t need your old number plates anymore, we can help you sell them! Provided your reg plates are not damaged, you can get in touch with us today to get a free valuation, along with the assistance you need to sell them.


For any questions or to purchase a number plate, visit our website Discount Registrations, and send us a message or ring us.