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11/10/2017 11:49
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On October 31st, Halloween will be here. Interestingly, did you know Halloween is believed to have a Christian origin? The word Halloween can be traced back to the 18th century, and it means Hallowed or Holy evening.

Most people usually celebrate it by wearing costumes, partying, carving pumpkins. Going trick or treating, and of course, watching horror movies. Everyone would like to sort an outfit that will scare their neighbours. Did you know you can potentially spice up your Halloween celebrations using cheap private number plates?


Why cheap number plates for Halloween?

Of course, you want to scare loved ones during Halloween. Albeit a personal number plate is not precisely a scare, nonetheless a horror-associated private number plate could prove a pleasant surprise to your loved ones. It could get them and everyone else who comes into contact with your Halloween number plate talking. So, let‘s probe into some of the benefits that can come from using cheap number plates. 


Turn heads

By using these personalised number plates, you will not only express your personality, but you’ll also turn heads. Many people recognise these number plates, and people like spotting them to try and figure out what they mean. If your plate represents your name like, say, 17 KEN, everyone will recognise you, and whenever they see your car, they’ll say, “there goes Ken!” even if they don’t know who you’re are. It makes you look like some celebrity, you know. 

You could be making a joke or statement. There’s a guy who’s underweight and is comfortable in his skin, but he proudly went ahead to buy a personal number plate written on ‘FAT’. For the Halloween related plates, you’d want to remind everyone that it’s Halloween time, and you can use creativity while obtaining your number plate by including scary words like ghost, giant or owl.


Hide the age of your vehicle

Do you have an old car and don’t want everyone to guess its age? No problem. Using dateless, cheap Irish number plates, you can effectively conceal the age of your car. No one can simply work it out by looking at the characters of your car’s plate. And the best part is most spooky Halloween number plates don’t reveal the vehicle’s age; they distract people’s attention to something fun and bizarre.


Spook Halloween Number Plate Ideas

You could be wondering where to start from when searching for the best Halloween number plates from our site. So, I went ahead and created some hints that you can type in the search engine to see the available number plates and choose what pleases you. 

Here are some of the hints:












Banned Number Plates to Avoid

When searching for cheap private registration plates, you may need to avoid some who were recently banned by DVLA.  Twice a year, DVLA censors the plates to decide on which ones should be disbanded based on their exact nature or rather potential to be racial, politically or religiously offensive. This may include anything that ends with BNP.

In September 2017, DLA banned most of the new 67-reg plates for being offensive, silly or rude. The full list can go to ten pages, but here we’ll just look at a few examples that stood out:


• DO67 GER

• BA67 ARD

• AR67 OLE



Now that Halloween is nearby, you should check out the list of cheap registration plates and pick what will suit you best. At Discount Registrations, our search engine offers you various filters such as the price, plate style and your car’s registration year, making it easy for you to find what you want.