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10/07/2017 20:26
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Number plates for your name

Owning a personalised number plate can really help you to stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking to turn heads when you arrive at social engagements, or seeking to promote your personal brand, a brilliant plate can make the difference.

What do you think when you see someone who has a great, personal set of plates on their car? If you’re like most people in the UK, then you probably immediately identify the driver as someone who is successful. You might imagine someone who has done well in the world of business, or you may even wonder whether the driver is a celebrity.

There is something special about number plates that include a name: they make people stand up and take notice. But you may be surprised to learn that such purchases aren’t just for the rich and famous. Our range of cheap personalised number plates can lift your profile to a new level. You can be the one to set heads turning.

Our cheapest plates, which are usually of Irish origin, start from just £24.99 plus fees. This means that they are a realistic purchase for most car owners. We appreciate that you won’t want “any old” registration number, which is why we work hard to bring you a wide selection of combinations. The aim is to ensure that there is something to suit your specific needs.

Based upon our many satisfied customers, we know that people have a variety of different ways of identifying number plates that are just right. The classic selection of number plates that include personal initials remain popular, but there are alternative approaches available to. The flexibility that’s available means that you may be able to integrate your first name, or even a popular nickname. From Y70 TOM to 6 ED and K8 RLS, we have an excellent selection of name plates that are just waiting for you to buy them.

You may also have noticed that some of our personalised number plates are extremely effective at hiding the age of your car from wider view. Our cheap dateless number plates allow you to really cultivate the perfect image. If you’re concerned about spending heavily on a new car, then a dateless registration number represents an impressive and cheaper alternative.

If you’re interested in getting hold of personalised plates, then we’re well positioned to help. You can search online here at Discount Registrations as a starting point. For those needing inspiration or assistance, our experienced team are on hand to help, offering additional suggestions. The process involved in transferring a new vehicle registration number onto your car is straightforward and our team members are familiar with the relevant rules and legislation.

New number plates can be the beginning of your journey towards building that personal brand, or simply impressing your friends and family. We’re here to ensure that the journey goes smoothly and according to plan. You’ll soon have fantastic new plates that will attract attention when you are travelling around the country. You can start your search right now!