Number plates aren’t just for wealthy people

20/06/2017 14:04
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When you thinking of personalised number plates, where does your imagination lead you? For many, there may be an image of number plate on a fantastic car, driven by a wealthy individual. It’s easy to assume that private number plates are unaffordable for many, out of the reach of the majority of UK drivers.

But is this really the case? Here at Discount Registrations, we aim to demonstrate that private number plates aren’t just for those with a great deal of wealth. With our prices starting at well below £100, we believe that we are transforming the world of personalised number plates, ensuring that they really are affordable for all.

Let’s think again about that image of the successful, wealthy individual driving a car with a private number plate. That’s a very meaningful image, simply because it conjures a picture of how we all tend to see drivers of cars that have such plates. We believe that they are successful and that the plate is representative of that success. As you might imagine, a personalised plate on your own car is likely to lead others to think the same way about you.

It may not be the case that every single owner of a number plate is particularly wealthy, but a particular appearance is being created. It helps, of course, that one of the more practical elements of number plates tends to add to that appearance. A personalised plate can help you to mask the age of your car. That can be a great way of ensuring that your vehicle doesn’t distract from your overall image.

Over the years, we’ve helped a huge number of customers to buy great car registration plates. We’ve also encountered numerous different reasons that help to explain buying decisions. The business person, who wants to impress prospective clients and yet can’t quite afford a new car, can benefit from using a number plate to hide the age of an older car. That’s a great example of how a plate can have a hugely positive, transformative impact.

Our plates are not, however, the preserve of those who are in business. Personal buyers often opt for registration numbers that reflect their family, personality or interests. Some choose to display their own initials, or lettering that is meaningful within a family context. Others make the decision to purchase plates that reflect their favourite sports teams, or hobbies. For those who are proud of the car that they drive, a selection that enhances the vehicle (possibly by including a reference to the manufacturer or model), can have an impressive impact.

We believe that anyone can gain from the effect of owning a cheap private number plate. It doesn’t matter if you can’t afford to spend tens of thousands of pounds on a plate: we still have an option that will be right for. We’ll also able to offer a range of flexible finance options, ensuring that all of the number plates listed here at Discount Registrations are that bit more affordable than those found elsewhere.

With our simple order progress, experienced staff and fantastic value pricing, we can help you to find your perfect car number plate. Get in touch today to find out more about the Discount Registrations approach.

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