Practical Benefits of a Personalised Number Plate

03/04/2019 23:16
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After a long and tedious process, you've finally found and purchased the vehicle (or vehicles) you've been searching for. 

Now it's time to register that vehicle and decide whether or not to spend the extra money on a personalised number plate.

Contrary to popular belief, a personalised plate serves many purposes beyond the fun customisation. In fact, there are several benefits of a personalised number plate to consider.

Here are five reasons listed below as to why a personalised license plate is ideal for your situation.


Personalised Number Plate Benefits


It Protects You Against Theft

In this case, a personalised number plate benefits you on two levels. 

For one, car thieves are far less likely to steal a vehicle with a personalised number plate, as they stand out significantly over that of a typical plate.

Secondly, a typical trait of a car thief is to take the number plates from a separate car to place on the vehicle they've stolen. If your license plates are personalised, thieves will forgo taking yours to avoid suspicion. 

Should a thief be ridiculous enough to steal your car anyways, they will be easy for local officials to track down as no one else has the same plates as yours.

The lesson here: personalised plates offer you more thief protection than the usual number plates.


It's Easy to Remember

Should you choose to get a personalised license plate, you'll want to pick out something that has personal meaning to you.

That way, it will be easy to remember for several different scenarios that will pop up over the lifespan of your car.

We've all needed to fill out our car registration number for something and had to run down to our car for the license number. Understandably, it's not something you need every day, and so the mind forgets it over time. 

However, if the plate had a birthday or name of importance to you, the days of dashing down to your car to retrieve it are over.

This is especially helpful if the car is a gift for someone else. Placing the plate under a date of significance to them helps prevent them from the same fate.

A nice side note, having one will save you time on finding your car in a parking space.

There's no doubt that a personalised plate stands out, perfect for the big parking lots.


It's a Great Marketing Tool

Businesses are on a constant search for outlets that can provide meaningful advertising for their services.

If you're a business owner, it's hard to find a better return on investment than placing your company's name on something that travels.

Personalised plates stand out to the eye, and with all the different cars that you'll pass, you're guaranteed to get your name out there.

They can also be a great addition to a company car that has branding on the sides.

For example, if you run a company called "24/7 Plumbers" and have a van with your logo on the side, having plates with "AB16 POO" on the back will add more depth and give potential clients a chuckle as they drive by.

Once people read your custom plate, they'll remember it. If they ever see you on the road again, they'll recall having seen it before and your company title with it.

Not to mention, that personalised plate is yours for as long as you'd like and can reuse it on all the vans you cycle through.


It Grabs People's Attention

Individuality is the most intriguing reason that people consider getting personalised number plates, it gives them a chance to be different. 

A nice bonus to that is all of the heads it will turn when you drive past someone.

When people see a custom plate, their curiosity takes over. Questions like "What does their plate say?" and "I wonder what the significance is behind their personalised plate" fill their head and point their eyes at you to figure it out.

Once they read what your plates say, they immediately look at you and the car for clues as to why you picked that name or date. 

This is also a perfect way to separate yourself from the pack if the vehicle you purchased is commonly seen on the roads.

While you may have the mainstream model of Mercedes that everyone's buying right now, yours is the only one with a plate that reads "BE57 BNZ".


It Makes Your Car Look Younger

Believe it or not, your car's age can show through the registration numbers on your plate.

Personalised plates are a perfect way to redirect that. If you include a name or date into the registration, there's no way anyone can tell the model year of your car.

You take tremendous care of your car to keep it looking brand new, don't let your number plate tell the tale. 


Get the Personalised Number Plates You Desire

As you can see, a customised number plate offers a plethora of benefits that are well worth the investment, and personalization has never been cheaper.

A personalised number plate put the cherry on top, whether you're buying your dream car, a vehicle that's going to carry your business on its shoulders, or an all-purpose family car.

We at Discount Registrations have over 50 million registration plates to fit your lifestyle. 

If you're having trouble coming up with the perfect plate, be sure to visit our Personalised Number Plates Search Tool.

For more information please feel free to email us directly at or speak with one of our experts at 01252 414 058.