Selling your Personalised Number Plate Has Never Been Easier!

25/07/2017 18:38
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Selling your number plate is a lot less hassle than some people might think. Whether it is a personalised number plate that you no longer want or due to circumstances, you want to sell your private reg plate, here at Discount Registrations we can make that process a smooth one.

There are a few options available if you want to sell your private number plate through us. The first is that we may buy it outright from you and the second option is that we will help you sell your number plate on a commission basis.

Once your personalised plate has been valued, we will notify you of a price we believe you could attain for it. This will not cost you anything whilst we are trying to sell it on your behalf.

You could even end up getting back more than what you paid originally as private registration plates can be an investment.

We cannot give valuations over the telephone however you can complete an online submission form and we will provide you with a guide price and further information on the next steps.

Alternatively you can list your personalised number plate on buy and sell sites such as eBay or gumtree if you wish to sell it privately. 

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