Taking Care of your Car for Winter

20/12/2017 10:11
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Winter Care For Your Car


Sadly, winter can cause a lot of stress to your car. It can cause unusual stress on the vehicle, requiring parts and equipment replacements. Interestingly, most of these are usually parts that could have been easily overlooked in the sunny peak of summer. 

So will your car have a role to play in your winter plans? Well then, you'll need these tips to get your car winter ready.


Shelter your car

Do you have a garage for your car? Then put it to use, otherwise, use an awning to protect your vehicle from the falling snow. It isn't fun to wake up in the early morning and start the day by shoving ice off your car. We recommend you park your car in a warm and dry place or cover it with an awning to make travelling in the morning easy. You can buy a protective cover at any hardware store or auto parts store if you don't have a garage. 


Make time for an inspection.

You see the doctor for regular check-ups. Your car needs the same kind of attention, especially before the winter season. Hence, it is recommended to take your vehicle to a licensed professional to make sure everything works correctly. 

Your mechanic will inform you if the various systems and components (radiator, brakes, etc.) in your car are in the best shape and at the same time ensure that the vehicle's fluids (antifreeze, brake fluid, oil etc.) are at the recommended levels. We also advise leaving enough fuel in the car at any time to prevent the fuel lines from freezing. It is also a brilliant idea to change the oil before winter.


Check your wiper blade and windscreen.

To find out that your wiper blades are worn out while driving in a blizzard can make your morning frustrating. Wiper blades are cheap, easy to replace, and often overlooked, especially if you live in areas that do not have much precipitation during the summer months. 

Hence, if you do not remember the last time you replaced them, we recommend that you stop at the auto parts store to buy a new one. It is inexpensive and changing them is a small job that does not require any tools. Keep in mind that some cars, including many SUVs, also have a rear wiper. While at it, don't forget to fill your windshield washer fluid too.

Also, don't forget to keep your number plates clean and dirt-free. If you need a new number plate, then check out Discount Registrations for over 50 million private number plates to choose. 


Check your tyre tread.

The only part of your car that rubs shoulders with the road is the tyre. Therefore, the quality of the tire has a significant influence on the driving performance of the vehicle. As the road conditions deteriorate, it becomes more and more critical.

Although the law requires you to only use a tyre with a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm, it is highly beneficial especially in the winter season to go for tyres with around 2mm, preferably 3mm. The treads will keep you safe on the road by dispersing water and snow while driving.


Check your lighting

Lighting is critical during winter because it can lead to reduced visibility. You don’t want to get into a collision due to poor visibility. Hence, ensure your lamp holders are clean and the fuse is working correctly. Check that the lights are bright enough before getting on the road. 


Check your battery regularly.

You battery like most people is not a huge fan of the cold, snowy weather. Hence, don't be surprised if you encounter more flat battery scenarios in the winter than in the summer. So, remember to dedicate special care and attention to your battery in the winter. Your battery will not be able to retain enough energy under the cold weather. If financially possible, we recommend getting a new battery in the winter. It will save you the hassle of having to call a tow truck to rescue you in the middle of the winter snow.


Finally, is your car ready for the winter season?

With these tips, you should be able to prepare your car for the winter. If your reg plate is dull, then get in touch with Discount Registrations for a visibility enhanced number plate. Also, if you are pondering of getting a customised plate for your new car or a loved one, then feel free to browse our 50 million registration plates online. Rest assured, we have something for everyone.