Want To Make A Statement On The Road? Here Are 7 Reasons To Get Creative Number Plates For Your Car.

05/02/2019 14:42
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So, your car is a clunker, it’s an ugly color, it’s got a small dent in the door from an accident you were in, and you’re pretty sure you scuffed it when you were parallel parking.

You would be embarrassed to drive it except there is one redeeming quality that it has that no other car on the road does. A creative number plate.

Creative number plates are a unique highlight that can bring positive attention to any car and they are actually less expensive than getting a new car or having work done on your old one. Keep reading to find out everything that a unique plate can do for your fixer upper.


1. It's a Worthy Investment 

Creative plates are popular because they are rare. Once you have one registered under you it's yours for as long as you want it and if you keep it for a while before you sell it, it will just constantly gather value over time. 

Plates that are especially meaningful can go for quite a lot to collectors so, it might cost you a bit to get a unique plate but it can more than make up for it in the future. 


2. They're Unique 

Again, a personalised plate is unique. You're the only one who owns it and you can bet that you'll be the only one on the road with anything like it. It's for this reason that more and more people are jumping on board with the idea of paying a little extra towards one. 

You can find a plate that perfectly matches your personality or reflects something that you're really interested in. 


3. They Can Be Meaningful 

While being unique, you can also make your plate something meaningful. For example, an important date or if you own your own company something for branding purposes. 

It's easy to reserve these meaningful plates and it can still be cool and unique even if you're the only one who understands what it means.


4. They Draw Attention 

The other benefit to the plate is that it draws attention. You may be saying "but my car is an old model or a clunker, I don't want it to draw attention!"

While this may be true, the car won't be what turns heads. The unique license plate will. This is even truer if the words on your license plate spell out something that people recognize.

Keep in mind that regulations are in place so that you can't make it spell out something inappropriate

In a strange way, having a license plate that's unique or spells out something someone may recognize can also help you make friends. When you park your car, if someone notices it, they may come over to compliment you or will want to know the story behind it.

It can make you the talk of a party anyway. 


5. You'll Never Forget the Number 

Imagine that you're sitting in an insurance office. You're given piles and piles of paperwork to fill out that just take longer because you don't remember your license plate number. If you had a personalised plate, the process would have gone by a lot faster because you would have had it memorized. 

This isn't the only example in which this is convenient. There are more forms than you think that actually ask for the plate. Another time when you'll be thanking yourself for doing this is if you forget where you park. 

Your plate is personalised so it will take you much less time to pick out your car from a sea of other ones if you can spot the plate right away. 


6. It's Not as Expensive as You Think it is 

While getting a personalised plate is expensive, it's no more expensive than buying a new car or getting aesthetic parts replaced. If you're willing to do a little hunting you're sure to find a good deal on a creative plate. 

You also don't have to get the entire plate done.

You can save a little money by just having it include your initial or a couple of numbers from your birthday or another important date. You don't have to be rolling dough to have a unique plate. 


7. It Acts as a Highlight 

You don't have to just use a creative plate to make an old, worn out car look more impressive, you can also use it to highlight a car that already has a high price tag. For example, a sports car with a personalised plate could be worth a ton in the future. 

Speaking of the future, if you have an antique car, chances are that it has a high value now depending on the model. Slap a personalised plate on it and it increases the resell value even more. If you plan on putting your car in an auction this can help it gain the attention of potential buyers too. 


Make a Statement with Creative Number Plates

If you're driving around a clunker and want to avert eyes from it, one of the best ways that you can do this is with creative number plates. It's less expensive than trading in your car for a new one or replacing parts and it can gain you a little attention from vehicle enthusiasts just like yourself.

If you have a car that you inherited, a personalised plate can get it even more attention in an auction. As you can see, it's completely worth the small investment. 

Are you ready to meet your ideal number plate? Go here to find your plate and start turning heads on the wide open road.