What You Need Need to Know About Private Number Plates

04/03/2019 18:09
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Have you always been one to stand out? Do you hate blending into a crowd? If so, then you've probably considered purchasing a private number plate. 

You've seen them before. You've driven behind a car whose license plate was on the same car as yours but looked nothing like yours. And you've thought, "why isn't mine cool like that?"

Well, that's because private number plates are unique to each individual who purchases them! And you want to have a unique plate of your own! So if this sounds like something you've considered before, then hang around for a while!

And if it's something you're just now looking into, then great! You're in the right place. We've got everything you need to know about private number plates right here!

Keep reading to learn more!


What Is A Private Number Plate

Let's start with the basics. What is a private number plate? We're about to tell you all the details.

The number plate is the same as a license plate. And creating a private number plate makes you stand out on the road.

It's a way of putting your personality into your car. But it doesn't come without charge. You will have to purchase one of these specialised plates.


Where Can You Buy One

So, where can you buy one? Here's the breakdown. You can purchase a private plate at one of three places. 

You don't have to purchase from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). You can buy your own private number plate from a broker or from a private party! Let's get into more details.



Sometimes, you can't find the exact plate that you're looking for on the DVLA's website. But that's okay. You can check with dealers who buy and sell private number plates. 

And our company makes purchasing super easy and at a discounted price! 


Private Party

Private party sellers post ads in the classifieds. You can find these in newspapers or even magazines. But buying from a private seller may be more costly than buying from a discount dealer. 


How Much Does It Cost

Money, money, money. The cost of an item is one of the most important questions when considering a purchase. Private number plates do come at an extra cost.

But the ultimate price is dependent upon where you make the purchase and how rare it is. If a specific plate is one of the more desirable ones, then it will be more expensive. And prices for private number plates can reach into 6 figures!

The fewer the numbers and letters that a plate has, the more expensive it is. So if you're not looking to spend thousands of pounds, then stick to more characters.

Doing business with a discount dealer is another great option if you are looking to show your personality while saving money!


What You Can Get

The UK has four styles of registration plates. These four styles consist of current, prefix, suffix, and dateless. Here's the difference.



The current style is made up of 7 characters. And it is what's used for new car registrations. It's broken down by two letters that specify the region in which it was registered. 

Then that is followed by two numbers that specify the vehicle's age. And the last three characters are random letters that come after a spacing. 



This style uses letters to determine age rather than numbers. On a prefix plate, the first letter specifies the vehicle's age.

This style of plate generally begins with one letter that determines the vehicle's age, followed by a 1-3 digit number and ending with three letters. Different letters correspond to different areas of first registration. 



On suffix style plate, the last letter specifies the vehicle's age. This style of plate generally begins with three letters, a spacing, then up to three numbers, and lastly one letter. The last letter is the vehicle's age identifier. 



Dateless plates were used before the year 1963. The combination of letters and numbers on these plates is made up of any combination up to four letters and three numbers. But the numbers and letters don't have to reach that many characters if not desired. 

This style of the plate does not have any specific letters or numbers to determine the vehicle's age. Because of this, these plates are more desirable and expensive. 


What Are The Requirements

Before you can place your new plate on your car, you'll need a certificate of entitlement from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). And to receive the actual plate, you'll need to take your driver's license, and the certificate of entitlement to a registered plate supplier. 

And a private number must follow these specific guidelines. 

  • Reflective Material
  • Front Plate Has Black Characters On White Background
  • Rear Plate Has Black Characters On Yellow Background
  • No Background Pattern
  • No Altered Font Or Spacing
  • Doesn't Give Impression Of Younger Car

The vehicle's old plate will be deactivated. And there is a fine up to £1,000 if you don't follow these rules. 


Buckle Up & Enjoy Your Individuality 

You're an individual. And you deserve a way to broadcast that individuality! Don't blend in with other cars on the road.

You need your own private number plate! Follow these great tips mentioned above and you'll have no trouble. With so many different options available to you, you're sure to find the private number plate you're looking for on our site!

Use our search tool to begin browsing a variety of plates. And for more information or questions about your very own private number plate, don't hesitate to contact us!