You Know Your Car is Unique When You Own a Personalised Number Plate

25/04/2019 09:44
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While many people don't think twice about the numbers on their plate, car enthusiasts, celebrities, and creative minds alike all know just how fun a personalised plate can be.

Great for helping your car stand out and showcasing your creativity, personalised vehicle plates are the perfect addition to any vehicle, new or old, rare or common, expensive or affordable!

Keep reading to learn why you need a personalised number plate, how to choose the right one, and a little more about why these plates are so popular!


Why Buy A Personalised Number Plate?

There are tons of reasons why a person might choose to get personalised British licence plates.


They're Unique

Perhaps the biggest reason is that they are unique!

Most of us drive cars that thousands of other people have as well. We might choose our favourite colour and style, but even then, you'll likely pass at least one other vehicle that looks like yours on your morning commute.

Some drivers looking to make their cars more unique opt for creative paint jobs or add bumper stickers. But both options can affect the value of your vehicle, and potentially lower it.

A personalised licence plate allows you to make your car unique without hurting the price. When people see you on the road, they'll know that it's you. Even in a crowd of similar vehicles, yours will stand out.


The Help a Special Car Stand Out Even More

If you're lucky enough to own a vehicle that is already unique because it is extremely rare or ultra-customised, you might think that you don't need a custom plate. But you'd be wrong.

If you've already invested in the car of your dreams, why not go the extra mile to customise your plate as well?

It's a great way to make a statement and showcase just how proud of your vehicle you really are. Plus, just because your ride is rare doesn't mean that you'll never run into another one. A custom number plate will make it easy for others to see which is yours.


They're an Investment

Every car in the UK must have a unique licence plate number. This means that numbers are never produced twice. To get a number plate that you want and that someone else already has, you'd have to buy it from them.

If you have a creative number plate that other people want or may want in the future, you'll have an investment that could be worth quite a bit of money.


Show Your Creativity

If you're a creative person, you might have no trouble coming up with a truly unique number plate.

Whether you're looking for the "wow factor" or trying to make others laugh, creating your own number plate combination is a great way to show off just how creative you really are!

This is also a great way to save money by creating your own personalised plate rather than having to pay a small fortune at an auction to buy the creative plate you're dreaming of.

While you're free to get creative with your number and letter combinations, you will have to follow a few rules when creating your own plate if you want it to be legal.


Ideas for a Fun Personalised Number Plate

There are plenty of ways to get creative with your personalised plate.

One popular option is to create a plate that says your own name! While most common names are likely to already be taken, unique names are easier. You can also get creative by swapping numbers for letters if they look similar.

For instance, a "5" makes a great surrogate "S" while a "1" can easily be an "I" or an "L."

Another fun idea is to showcase your favourite hobby or sports team with a unique combination. You'll likely have to shorten the name or get creative and use a simple reference rather than the name of the sport itself.

Car enthusiasts often use terms like "V8" or "turbo" on their plates to let the world know just how passionate they are about their vehicles!


Celebrities and Personalised Vehicle Plates

While a personalised licence plate certainly isn't a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous, there are plenty of celebrities out there with their own unique and creative combinations.

Take for instance the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Will and Kate could likely have their pick of plate numbers at any given time, not that they do a lot of driving around on their own. But after the pair tied the knot, they drove away in a classic Aston Martin with a plate that read "JU5T WED."

 Famous hair stylist and salon chain owner Nicky Clarke created his own creative personalised plate too. It reads "H41 RDO," a fun take on the word "hairdo."

If you were a fan of Magician Paul Daniels 1990s televised magic show, you'll love his plate, which reads "MAG 1C," or "MAGIC."

Boxer Amir Khan nabbed a fitting plate when he purchased one that reads "BOX 11G," or "BOXING."

Many celebrities own multiple plates for their collections of high-end and classic vehicles. Take for instance Heather Logan and her husband Gordon, who owns a total of 7 personalised number plates. They reportedly paid £8,400 for one that reads"GO12 DON," or "GORDON."


How Do You Get a Personalised Number Plate?

Unless you're looking to buy a very rare and in-demand plate number at a big auction, you can easily search for the perfect combination online.

All you have to do is search for the number you have and mind. If the plate is available, you can then buy the registration for that plate, and it's yours! While going to an auction could cost you thousands, some plates go for as little as £34.99 on Discount Registrations!

Start searching for the perfect personalised number plate for your vehicle today!