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You Know Your Car is Unique When You Own a Personalised Number Plate

25/04/2019 09:44

While many people don't think twice about the numbers on their plate, car enthusiasts, celebrities, and creative minds alike all know just how fun a personalised plate can be. Great for helping your car stand out and showcasing your creativity, personalised vehicle plates are the perfect addition to any vehicle, new or old, rare or common, expensive or affordable! Keep reading to learn why you need…

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Practical Benefits of a Personalised Number Plate

03/04/2019 23:16

After a long and tedious process, you've finally found and purchased the vehicle (or vehicles) you've been searching for.  Now it's time to register that vehicle and decide whether or not to spend the extra money on a personalised number plate. Contrary to popular belief, a personalised plate serves many purposes beyond the fun customisation. In fact, there are several benefits of a personalised number plate to…

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What You Need Need to Know About Private Number Plates

04/03/2019 18:09

Have you always been one to stand out? Do you hate blending into a crowd? If so, then you've probably considered purchasing a private number plate.  You've seen them before. You've driven behind a car whose license plate was on the same car as yours but looked nothing like yours. And you've thought, "why isn't mine cool like that?" Well, that's because private number plates are…

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Taking Care of your Car for Winter

20/12/2017 10:11

Winter Care For Your Car   Sadly, winter can cause a lot of stress to your car. It can cause unusual stress on the vehicle, requiring parts and equipment replacements. Interestingly, most of these are usually parts that could have been easily overlooked in the sunny peak of summer.  So will your car have a role to play in your winter plans? Well then, you'll need…

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Halloween Number Plates | Cheap Number Plates

11/10/2017 11:49

On October 31st, Halloween will be here. Interestingly, did you know Halloween is believed to have a Christian origin? The word Halloween can be traced back to the 18th century, and it means Hallowed or Holy evening. Most people usually celebrate it by wearing costumes, partying, carving pumpkins. Going trick or treating, and of course, watching horror movies. Everyone would like to sort an outfit that…

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Scrappage Deals from Different Manufacturers | Cheap Private Number Plates

02/10/2017 13:35

Scrappage Deals from Different Manufacturers – Save your Reg Plates! Environmental pollution has become a concern for everyone all over the world. The car industry has been a significant contributor to these negative environmental impacts, especially emissions from some older diesel cars. As a result, different manufacturers have started offering scrappage schemes/discounts for drivers in the UK – trade in of their old cars with new…

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Banned Number Plates | DVLA number plates

03/09/2017 20:08

DVLA Bans Multiple Number Plates Containing Profanities   UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) keeps track of “over 45 million driver records and over 39 million vehicle records”, according to their website. Looking over and taking care of so many records is no easy task. However, the DVLA has managed to ban hundreds of potentially offensive number plates from the UK. Most of the plates…

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Cheap Number plates from just £24.99 | Personal Number Plates

17/08/2017 23:09

Number Plates for Sale from Just £24.99! Ever wanted to get your very own personalised number plates for your car, without spending a fortune? At Discount Registrations (, we have your back! More exactly, the plates you’ll be attaching to the back of your car. Dive right in, to find out how you can get your top quality, cheap number plates today!   Why Spend More,…

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Selling your Personalised Number Plate Has Never Been Easier!

25/07/2017 18:38

Selling your number plate is a lot less hassle than some people might think. Whether it is a personalised number plate that you no longer want or due to circumstances, you want to sell your private reg plate, here at Discount Registrations we can make that process a smooth one. There are a few options available if you want to sell your private number plate through…

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0% Finance for Your Personalised Number Plate

18/07/2017 12:49

Here at Discount Registrations we have a number of ways you can make payment for your personalised number plate and one of our popular options for purchases is our 0% interest free finance.  We have teamed up with DEKO the UK’s fastest growing point of sales finance to bring you a quick and easy service.  Our application process is stress free and customers can apply for…

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Personalised Number Plates Inspired by Wimbledon Tennis Championships

14/07/2017 10:38

The 2017 Wimbledon Championships is the 131st edition and since it’s commencement on 3 July we have seen Murray and Djokovic knocked out of the competition, whilst several time champ Venus Williams is set to compete in the semi-finals alongside J. Konta for GB. The championships will conclude this weekend on 16 July. This year’s Wimbledon prize money is a staggering £31.6m. With that type of…

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Name Number Plates | Personalised Number Plates

10/07/2017 20:26

Number plates for your name Owning a personalised number plate can really help you to stand out from the crowd. Whether you are looking to turn heads when you arrive at social engagements, or seeking to promote your personal brand, a brilliant plate can make the difference. What do you think when you see someone who has a great, personal set of plates on their car?…

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Number plates aren’t just for wealthy people

20/06/2017 14:04

When you thinking of personalised number plates, where does your imagination lead you? For many, there may be an image of number plate on a fantastic car, driven by a wealthy individual. It’s easy to assume that private number plates are unaffordable for many, out of the reach of the majority of UK drivers. But is this really the case? Here at Discount Registrations, we aim…

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0% Interest Free Finance

24/02/2016 23:40

We are very pleased to announce we are now able to offer 0% interest free finance on over 30 million registrations. With a 10% deposit, with then 12 monthly payments for the remainder, our finance option is very simple to apply for. Simply choose the registration that you would like and choose the finance option at the checkout. When applying for finance we are normally able…

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Our Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

24/12/2015 14:49

We would like to wish all our customers past, present and future a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!     Open Closed 24/12/15         09:00 14:00 25/12/15   Closed   26/12/15   Closed   27/12/15   11:00 16:00 28/12/15   10:00 16:00 29/12/15   10:00 16:00 30/12/15   10:00 16:00 31/12/15   Closed   01/01/16   Closed   02/01/16   09:00 20:00  

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Drink Driver caught due to illegal number plate

23/09/2015 18:58

A LORRY driver has lost his job because he went drink driving in a car with an illegal numberplate. Police on patrol noticed that the letters and numbers on Casey Hughes' car didn't conform with the law and stopped him as he drove slowly along Milford Road, South Milford, said Cathy Turnbull, prosecuting. They stopped him, smelt alcohol in his breath and breathalysed him. He gave…

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Sir John Madejski in legal battle to win back number plate

10/03/2014 20:51

Business tycoon and Reading FC chairman Sir John Madejski is fighting the latest bout in a marathon legal battle over a personalised car registration worth £50,000. Sir John saw his “JM 2” registration unwittingly transferred to Malcolm Harrison after selling him a Jaguar XJ220 – to which it was then legally attached – for £130,000 at auction in late 2010. The multi-millionaire entrepreneur said the “cherished…

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New cheap Dateless Number Plates Available

08/01/2011 11:05

We have now got a few additional cheap dateless number plates available for purchase.   YUG 803 priced to sell at only £549.99 EAS 164 priced to sell at only £549.99 EAS 692 priced to sell at only £549.99 54 FPB reduced from £1999.99 to only £1499.99! PGJ 508 reduced from £1999.99 to only £1499.99!   Contact us on 01252 414 058 if you would like…

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